Healthcare InnoMatch 2022

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The Open Call Phase is now closed. We are no longer receiving applications.
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Healthcare Innovations, Adopted at Speed and at Scale


The Healthcare InnoMatch 2022 by Temasek Foundation, Ministry of Health and the Centre for Healthcare Innovation (CHI) are calling for innovative, market-ready or near market-ready solutions to address critical and emerging healthcare needs!

Organised in partnership with SingHealth Services (SHS), National University Health System (NUHS) and National Healthcare Group (NHG), the Healthcare InnoMatch 2022 is seeking solutions that can enhance patient care and deliver positive health outcomes with the theme: Delivering Care Beyond Hospital Walls. This encompasses solutions that bridge the gap between hospital and home/community; including preventive and predictive care, transition of care, and patient activation for better self-management of care.

Successful proposals in the Healthcare InnoMatch 2022 will obtain funding support to demonstrate their solutions in operational environments, and will receive further endorsement from our partner healthcare clusters upon successful validation of the results of pilot implementation. Ultimately, the platform aims to bridge the market adoption gap, and allow patients early access to new and emerging healthcare innovations to address our critical healthcare needs.

Theme to tackle



  • Open Call Phase

    Feb 7 - May 16

    Register and submit your application form!

  • Shortlisting Phase 1

    May 17 - Jun 3

    Up to sixty (60) Startups will be shortlisted.

  • Proposal
    Development Phase

    Jun 6 - Jul 1

    The Shortlisted Startups will be given four (4) weeks to submit their full proposal!

  • Shortlisting Round 2

    Jul 4 - Jul 22

    Up to twenty (20) startups will be selected.

  • Shortlisting Round 3
    & Interviews

    Jul 25 - Aug 24

    The shortlisted startups will present their projects to the organizers - Up to twelve (12) to be selected.

  • Coaching and
    Final Event

    Aug 25 - Sep 9

    Finalist teams will be paired with mentors to prepare their pitches for the Final Event.


Final Event

September 9 2022 | Online

The finalist Start-ups/SMEs will pitch online in front of a judging panel consisting of senior management and domain experts from the partner healthcare clusters and Temasek Foundation, Ministry of Health and Integrated Health Information Systems during the Final Event on September 9, 2022. Stay tuned for more information!

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